American Invention, Global Standard

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WWI American Veteran Neil Tillotson invented and patented the disposable nitrile glove. The U.S. veteran built the U.S. nitrile glove industrial base that produced nitrile gloves for the entire world, created thousands of jobs for Americans, and millions in revenue for the American economy. The American invention became the global standard to protect millions of workers around the world.

Today, veterans are helping to rebuild the U.S. nitrile glove manufacturing industrial base and reshore more than 15,000 manufacturing jobs, many to employ veterans, blind, and physically challenged persons. To solely rely on foreign glove manufacturers to become the U.S. industrial base and supply the entire United States is a serious threat to our National Security, to all U.S. health care workers and system, and to our military readiness.

Our first nitrile glove plant is built in Colebrook, New Hampshire. We have the capability to manufacture medical nitrile exam gloves and nitrile industrial gloves. Our Navy™ disposable nitrile gloves are approved for use at the U.S. Army TACOM. Contact us to request a quote.

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